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CYQER unifies historically separate functions into a single agent and platform architecture. Protection is provided for public clouds, private clouds, and on-premise data centers.

CYQER Features

Let's Know the capabilities of CYQER : Cyber Yield Quantification for Enterprises and Reporting

Central Components

CYQER Indexer

The CYQER indexer is a fully scalable engine for analysis and full-text search, tasked with indexing and storing the alerts created by the CYQER server. It can be installed as a single-node or multi-node cluster, any end points, systems based on the specific requirements of the client's environment.

CYQER Server

The agents are managed by the CYQER server, which can update and configure them remotely as required. The data received from the agents is evaluated by this component, which utilizes decoders and rules to process it and analyze it for any indicators of compromise by incorporating threat intelligence.

CYQER Dashboard

CYQER offers an adaptable and user-friendly web interface that provides a plethora of tools for data mining, analysis, and visualization. The dashboard is a centralized location where CYQER configuration can be managed and the system's status can be monitored.

CYQER Endpoint Security Agent

The CYQER agent is a multi-platform component that runs on the endpoints to be monitored. It provides prevention, detection, and response capabilities in Windows,Linux, Oracle Solaris, Mac os, AIX etc.

All in One Deployment Options

CYQER can be deployed in Windows, Linux, Unix, JSON CSV TXT, Commercial Apps, Custom Apps, Change Mgmt, Switches, Firewall, DNS, Routers, DBMS, Storage Mgmt, Cloud, Kubernetes, Puppet, Ansible, Docker.

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Active XDR Protection from Modern threats

CYQER Provides analysts real time correlation and context. Active responses are granular, encompassing or-device remediation so endpoints are kept clearn and operational.


A Comprehensive SIEM Solutions

The CYQER Security Information and Event Management ( SIEM ) Solutions provides monitoring, detection and alerting of security events and incidents.


Explore the Potential of CYQER Cloud

CYQER has created an entirely new cloud-based architecture to reduce complexity and improve security while providing stronger endpoint protection.

CYQER Capabilities

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Deployment Options

Endpoint Security Agent

Incident Response

CYQER Provides out of the box active responses to perform various countermeasures to address active threats, such as blocking access to a system from the threat source when certain criteria are met.

Regulatory Compliance

CYQER is widely used by PCI processing companies and CYQER UI provides reports and dashboards that can help with Regulatory Compliance such as GDPR, NIST 800-53, GPG13, TSC SOC2, HIPAA and PCI DSS Compliance.

Cloud Security

CYQER helps monitoring cloud infrastrcture at an API level, using integration modules that are able to pull security daa from well known cloud providers such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. CYQER ligh-weight and multi-platform agents are commonly used to monitor cloud enviornments at the instance level.

Containers Security

CYQER provides security visibility into your Docker hosts and containers, monitoring their behavior and detecting threats, vulnerabilities and anomalies. Agent has native integration with the Docker engine allowing users to monitor images, volumes, network settings and running containers.

CYQER, 360 Degree SOC Product

Secure your Organisation inside and out with advanced all in one SOC, CYQER

Businesses rely on their IT infrastructures to support nearly every aspect of their operations. At the same time, security threats ranging from cyberattacks to malicious user activity can put network security and data integrity at risk. For comprehensive protection, businesses are turning to CYQER all in one Security and Information Event Management (SIEM) tools, software programs to help monitor log activity—and flag suspicious incidents—throughout an IT environment.

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CYQER is ready for both on-Premises SOC along with Cloud Based SOC

Customised your SOC as per your requirements

Cloud Based CYQER SOC
On Premises CYQER SOC
SOC as a Services

CYQER Cloud is designed with security in mind. A flexible Cloud infrastructure that you can tailor to meet specific needs and upgrade it to the most appropriate tier.

Fully protected data, regular application of security patches and hardening practices. Compliant with PCI DSS and SOC2. A ready to use solution, with no additional hardware or software required, driving down the cost and complexity.

  • Unlimited endpoints & Threat intelligence feed
  • Professional support included with Managed infrastructure and 365 days of cold storage
  • We help you estimate the alert data that will be indexed and searchable in the CYQER Cloud service. This data volume is related to the number of endpoints and devices that you need to monitor, and how long you need it available.

On-premises Security and Compliance services

Around-the-clock SOC services – securing any environment, any application. Our Security Operation Center (SOC) services are available to help protect all of your environments, even those not currently managed by Threatsys Technologies — such as your on-premises data center, branch locations, colocations.

  • We will provide Certified SOC resources to manage the SOC
  • By leaning on our SOC security professionals, you can ensure your security posture is up-to-date with the latest threat intelligence, and any threats in your environment will be detected and responded to faster, to reduce your risk.

Organizations pay SOC as a Service monthly operating expense based solely on usage. For most companies, this is cheaper than the capital and operational costs of setting up and staffing an on-premises SOC.

SOC-as-a-Service goes beyond what traditional Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and Managed Detection and Response providers offer. Traditional MSSPs can offer advanced Security Operations Center (SOC) capabilities for threat detection and response.

  • SOC-as-a-Service providers reduce the burden on internal security teams. We monitor your security 24/7, use automation and data science to accelerate detection, and deliver trusted alerts. Higher confidence indicators mean quicker and extra efficient detection and remediation.
  • Without the prohibitive costs, complexity, and frustration of building, staffing, and managing SOC, We can provide SOC as a Services to any size companies.
CYQER Web App Scanning as a Service

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Corporate Beginner

$99 / Per Month

  • Weekly vulnerability scans with 3000+ tests (OWASP
  • SANS etc.) 1 Target
  • Enhancement with Manual Testing: 1+ Expert
  • WAF Testing and Bypass: Yes
  • PDF Reports : Yes
  • Unlimited Patch Verification Scans: No
  • Dark and Deep Web Reconnaissance: No
  • Code Repositories Reconnaissance: No

Corporate Standard

$250 / Per Month

  • Unlimited vulnerability scans with 3000+ tests (OWASP
  • SANS etc.) 2 Target
  • Enhancement with Manual Testing: 1+ Expert
  • WAF Testing and Bypass: Yes
  • PDF Reports: Yes
  • Unlimited Patch Verification Scans: Yes
  • Dark and Deep Web Reconnaissance: No
  • Code Repositories Reconnaissance: No

Corporate Advance

$650 / Per Month

  • Unlimited vulnerability scans with 3000+ tests (OWASP
  • SANS etc.) 5 Days
  • Enhancement with Manual Testing: 3+ Experts
  • WAF Testing and Bypass: Yes
  • Zero False Positives SLA: Yes
  • Unlimited Patch Verification Scans: Yes
  • Dark and Deep Web Reconnaissance: Yes
  • Code Repositories Reconnaissance: Yes
General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do organizations need a security information and event management solution?

Every organization has a multitude of network devices that work together to facilitate everyday business operations. For an attacker, all it takes is one security loophole in any of these endpoints to bring business operations to a halt. With so many devices operating simultaneously, it is difficult to figure out exactly where you are vulnerable. These devices do generate security data for every event, but the sheer volume of data makes it difficult to focus on the key indicators of an attack. A SIEM solution protects your enterprise network from cyberattacks and insider threats. It collects and analyzes the security data generated by your devices in real time, alerting you in time about vulnerabilities, indicators of compromise, or any suspicious activity.

How will a security information and event management solution help your organization?

Detect internal threats, such as data exfiltration and user account compromise, by recognizing subtle changes in user activity. Monitor all active VPN connections, and receive alerts on unusual VPN activities, VPN access from malicious sources, and more. Audit critical changes in your Active Directory infrastructure and Azure AD in real time. Track all critical events in your public cloud infrastructure, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Salesforce. Identify suspicious or blocklisted IPs, URLs, and domains intruding into your network by correlating your log data with reputed threat feeds. Discover and classify sensitive files, audit users' file activities, and analyze file permissions to enable content- and context-aware data protection. Automate your response to events with easily configurable workflows to save critical response time.Detect, disrupt, and prevent sensitive data leaks via endpoints, like USBs and printers, email, web applications, and more with real-time security monitoring. Ensure compliance with regulatory mandates such as the PCI DSS, GDPR, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA with predefined report templates.

How many types of SOC Professionals are availbale for SOC as a Service ?

Security Analyst/L1 Engineer: Taking Control of your Log Data and help with on-boarding Alerting and reporting L2 Analyst: Certified and trained ‘Eyes on Screen’ Investigations, analysis and forensics Incident management Proactive actions and help on hand when you need to respond or investigate. L3/SOC Manager Manages the Security Operations Team and reports to the CISO. Supervises the security team & provides technical guidance. Responsible for creating Processes, assessing Incident reports, and Developing and implementing Crisis Communication Plans. Incident Response (IR) Consultants: Escalation and in-depth investigations with advanced IR tools Malware reverse engineering, host based analysis, network packet inspections, deep dive investigations On and off-site forensic capabilities Chief Information Security Officer: Responsible for defining and outlining the organization’s security operations Provide the final word on strategy, policies, and procedures. Responsible for managing overall compliance

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